Worth Reading: 20th August to 26th August 2012

A pretty boring week considering.

This is a weekly post I do where I highlight some of the posts I have done which you might have missed over the last week. Post is a bit late today and the week hasn’t been a very exciting one. However it is my blog second anniversary today. So Happy Birthday King Toko Blog!

Week 20/08/12 to 26/08/12:


  • None.


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  • None.



  • None.


  • None.


  • None.

The week overview:

Eating: Bourbon biscuits.

Drinking: Pepsi.

Listening to: Chill out music.

Playing: RuneScape and Minecraft.

Watching: The Yogscast.

My post of the week: Omerta: City Of Gangsters Trailer and Sixteen Screenshots.

Look forward to: Some MMORPG reviews if I have the time. Also as its blog second anniversary today look for something related to that during next week.

Check Worth Reading next week for the best posts of the week.

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