Dungeon Defenders Patch 7.40 and Free Jester Hero DLC are Now Available

Chess the game for crazy Jester Heroes.

Dungeon Defenders has been updated yesterday with some bug fixes and a few new additions such as the “Jester Hero DLC” and many more improvements to the game. The Jester Hero a new DLC for Dungeon Defenders is now Available on Steam and free until 22nd August 10AM PDT.

Version 7.40 was released on 8th August.

Definitely some more exciting Dungeon Defenders related things to look forward to in the future.

The path will download automatically if you have the Dungeon Defenders installed on Steam. I am unsure whether the console versions have also been updated.

Patch 7.40:

  • Added new Jester Hero DLC, along with Fool Costume, and “The King’s Game” mission & associated loot.
  • Improved Mac performance, and added & optimized support for Macbook Pro Retina display (and any native Mac display resolution).
  • The ‘Dungeon Defenders Development Kit’ has been moved to the Steam Tools section, rather than being a Dungeon Defenders DLC. Any previous owner of that DLC should re-download it as a Tool.
  • Spider Minions can no longer be webbed, and Enemy Ogres can now be webbed.
  • Reduced Goblin Copter floating height by 33%, enabling melee characters to more easily hit them.
  • Further reduced Goblin Copter flight speed by 20%.
  • Made Copter Ogres lose 70% of HP if they are dropped from a destroyed Copter.
  • Mod Maps no longer become deselected in the Mission Setup UI when someone enters or leaves your Tavern.
  • Sky City ninja Djinn/Wyverns should really be fixed now. Promise.
  • Dungeon Defenders Development Kit Updated to contain all Dungeon Defenders content! (Eternia Shards, New Heroes, etc).

Dungeon Defenders: Jester Hero DLC

From store.steampowered.com: “A sly trickster born in a whimsical realm of chaos, the Jester’s abilities are shrouded in mystery. She can quickly turn the tide of battle by using any weapon and can deceive enemies with ‘presents’ that explode to reveal random defenses and bonuses. Her ‘Move Tower’ ability allows her to adapt defensive strategies and react to any combat situation, while her ‘Wheel O’ Fortuna’ ability can grant boons or decimate friend and foe alike.”

Jester Hero DLC Includes:

  • Jester Hero Class.
  • GameLand Campaign Mission.
  • ‘The Fool’ Jester Costume.
  • Four new weapons.

Jester’s Abilities:

  • Place presents to spawn random defenses and bonuses.
  • Use any heroes’ weapon, and carry up to two of them simultaneously.
  • Spawn random buffs and debuffs with the ‘Wheel O’ Fortuna’ ability.
  • Use her ‘Move Tower’ ability to adapt to any combat situation.

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