Aion Update 3.0 Europe Launch Date. Also Video Preview

Don’t trust a scientist hamster with flowers, a love potion and a nut necklace.

Aion players in Europe have been waiting a long time for this and its finally has a release date. The 3.0 update has been available in North America for ages and Asia even longer. The update will introduce housing, mounts, a higher level cap, and two brand new areas zones to Aion. The producers of Aion Europe Gameforge have announced that the Aion 3.0 patch will launch in Europe next week on the 15th August.

Every Daeva (player) over level 21 will be able to own their own Studio (house). Players will also be able to specialise in the new furniture making crafting profession which will help you decorate and personalise your home. While Characters level 55 to 60 (the new level cap) will be able to go to the new areas of Balaurea: Sarpan and Tiamaranta. The area of Tiamaranta will bring four new fortresses to conquer and Sarpan is a PvP free zone where Asmodians and Elyos must live together in peace under a truce.


Aion Free-to-Play 3.0 Feature Preview.

Aion 3.0 update:

  • Character levels 56 to 60
  • Two new territories.
  • Two housing areas with approx. 500 houses.
  • One studio for every player.
  • Six new instances.
  • Five additional fortresses and 11 artefacts.
  • Four mounts.
  • Ten pairs of new wings.
  • 150+ armour (from level 55).
  • 17,000+ items.

Aion is another MMORPG I have been trying out. Like Allods Online it is free-to-play with certain restrictions in place and cash shop. However unlike Allods Online with the upcoming 3.0 update it will have a better cash shop and fewer restrictions on free to play players. Out of the seven or more free-to-play MMORPGs I have tried (yeah I know loads) recently this is the most fun one I have played. The cash shop just feels like its more aimed at cosmetic items and potions for quicker leveling etc which is good and how free-to-play games should be made and not requiring you to buy quests and more bag space just to have fun.

I will look to doing a review for Aion sometime soon in the future.

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