DayZ has Over a Million Unique Players and is Now a Standalone Game

Pump those tasty chicken legs.

About a month ago Arma II mod DayZ passed the 500,000-player mark. Now over one million have joined and tried out the game since it was released earlier this year. The counter on the mod’s official website shows that players have killed “2,147,483,647” zombies and accumulated over 1299 years of total play time with an average life expectancy of 49 minutes since the game launched. Also interestingly there has been “3,849,464” murders, you traitors those are real people killing (virtual ones).

DayZ was created by Dean “Rocket” Hall, and it changes the modern military shooter Arma II into a post-apocalyptic game with NPC zombies and player controlled bandits. The point of the game is to survive as long as possible. Rocket has added injury effects as well as the need to eat and drink to make the game more realistic and make the game even more harder.

The Arma II mod DayZ will now be developed as a standalone project and title by Bohemia Interactive with lead developer Dean Hall as the projects lead.

The mod and the standalone game will continue to be developed at same time, so players of the mod can keep on playing while waiting for full standalone game which I assume is going to feature more gameplay mechanics and be more what the creators imagined the game would be initially. Also just like games such as Minecraft the game will have an alpha version available at discount so you can get in early and help the game develop over time.

More information about the standalone DayZ game should be available in weeks to come.

I haven’t played the DayZ mod or any of the Arma games since Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis so I don’t know if it’s actually fun to play but the survival aspects and social aspects looks interesting but why zombies? all the time. Dear developers you can make a post apocalyptic game with out the use of zombies, just though I mention that.

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