Allods Online: New Horizons is Now Available. Also New Trailer

If only the game was that much fun.

Allods Online’s expansion New Horizons has finally arrived is available for all existing or new players to try out. The expansion (patch) allows you to have your own personal island, adds a rebalanced Psionicist class, the ability to change factions, a new draconic aspect and much more. The patch is available on all servers whether you play on North America or Europe ones.

From “New Horizons has brought some great changes to Sarnaut, you can view all of our guides and our patch notes here, but especially for our Paladins and Psionicists. We had to decide whether or not to send out FREE Droplets of Death to all our players of those classes, so, after some debate, we came to this decision…..EVERY player over Level 15 of EVERY class will receive a FREE Droplet of Death through their in-game mail! They’re being sent right now but, as you can imagine, that’s a lot of Droplets for the mailman to sort out! Be patient and you’ll be able to reset your talents as many times as you like for a full 7 days! Remember that the Droplet activates as soon as you take it from the mail, and that letters have a 30 day expiry on them, so don’t activate it and head off on holiday for a week! If you’re under Level 15 you can simply visit your class trainer and get a free respec any time you like too.”


Allods Online Patch 3.0.4 Troll & Crab Trailer.

Go here to read the Allods Online: New Horizons patch notes.

I have tried out Allods Online recently but I am sort of undecided on the game. It’s a free-to-play MMORPG with a similar art style to World of Warcraft but apparently you can have your own airships and islands etc. I like its combat but it was made in Russia and it shows. Also its cash shop is dodgy at best.

I will do a review for Allods Online sometime soon.

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