Two Classic Bullfrog Games are Now Available on

Over on the digital distribution site two great games are now available for purchase for the low price of around two pints of Fosters. Theme Hospital was released last week while Populous: The Beginning was released today.

The Theme Hospital intro can be seen above. See if you can notice the various cameos within the video.

Theme Hospital

Just like the NHS these days.

Theme Hospital is a hospital management simulation. You need to fill the empty building with all sorts of hospital equipment, starting from desks and file cabinets, to ultra-sophisticated diagnostic machinery like DNA fixer or Head Inflator: you know, equipment every hospital needs. Then you hire all necessary staff members like doctors, nurses, handymen, or receptionists, and once everything’s set up, treat patients as they come in suffering from a variety of humourous illnesses, including Hairyitis, Bloaty Head, and even Slack Tongue (caused by over-discussion of soap operas!).”

Populous The Beginning

Community is love.

“The third part in the series, the first one in full 3D, Populous: The Beginning places you in control of a female shaman and her tribe. You need to battle your way through 25 planets and defeat the rival Dakini, Chumara, and Matak tribes for dominion over the solar system. Grow in followers, grow in strength and unleash the earth-shattering powers to wreak havoc and control your tribesman. Build your forces, annihilate the non-believers, and finally become the ultimate almighty ruler of the Populous universe.”

These games are some of the many Bullfrog developed games which are still as much fun as when they were first released. Both bring back fond memories of my youth. If you can only get one then Theme Hospital will probably be the better choice but just get both and while you are at it get Syndicate too.

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