Tribes: Ascend Open Beta Version 0.1.866.0 Patch Notes

Another patch.

Tribes: Ascend has been updated with various balance improvements.

The game is in open beta which means anyone can now play and try out the game for free.

Patch 0.1.866.0 was deployed on Thursday 29th March 2012.

Tribes Beta Version 0.1.866.0 Patch Notes:

Significant Items

  • Spinfusor projectiles now travel at the same velocity, though Spinfusor weapons still vary in damage, radius, and fire rate:
  • Increased Juggernaut’s SpinfusorD projectile velocity by roughly 5%.
  • Increased Soldier’s Spinfusor projectile velocity by roughly 3%.
  • Increased Brute’s Heavy Spinfusor projectile velocity by roughly 8%.
  • Brute’s Light Sticky Grenade damage against Generators increased 125%, better matches the Infiltrator’s Sticky Grenades.
  • Fixed an issue where Soldier’s AP Grenade did too much damage against Shrikes (reduced by 75%).
  • Damage increased on Brute’s Nova Colt by roughly 5%.
  • Time for inactive reload reduced from 6s to 5s.
  • Increased the distance from the flag the Rage Perk will activate by 50%.
  • Damaged caused by early in-air detonation of Infiltrator’s Jackal rounds reduced by 50%. Knockback from in-air detonation also decreased by 50%.
  • Damage against armored targets with Infiltrator’s Jackal rounds increased 20% (Fixed an issue where full damage was not being applied).
  • Fixed an issue where the sticky explosives from the Infiltrator’s Jackal could not be destroyed with bullet based weapons.
  • A variety of backend changes preparing for the introduction of future functionality.

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