Can’t Afford Minecraft or Notch’s Other Video Games? Just Pirate them says Notch

Shiver my timbers.

Minecraft creator Notch believes that if fans can’t afford Minecraft or any of he’s other games they should just download it illegally. The following contains my thoughts on piracy and what actually happened in regard to Minecraft.

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Notch said responding to IGN’s article on the issue “And now it’s on IGN, who also miss the point. These have been my views on piracy FOREVER, even waaay before Minecraft had sold this much.”

This is all started yesterday when a fan on Twitter “@AndresLeay” said to Notch, “I really like the game but lack the money to buy it. I thought I might at least ask for a free account before piracy.” Notch responded “Just pirate it. If you still like it when you can afford it in the future, buy it then. Also don’t forget to feel bad. ;)” Ok sure?

Notch later said “Actually, they’re not “totally missing the point at all”.. I’m just surprised it’s news that those are my views on piracy.. Carry on!”

I take Notch saying “These have been my views on piracy FOREVER, even waaay before Minecraft had sold this much” meaning for not just Minecraft because if Minecraft wasn’t succesful it would have just been one of the other games Notch made but didn’t go anywhere.

There are several explanations for what Notch said. Firstly he is either kidding like he does a lot. Secondly maybe he genuinely doesn’t care if you pirate Minecraft or he’s other games as long as you buy them eventually. Finally he really doesn’t mind people pirating he’s games as he sees free digital distribution as the future of gaming.

What ever the reason if everyone pirated the game Minecraft would have failed financially which considering its an indie game wouldn’t have matter that much but it would have prevented Mojang having the capital to make new games such as the upcoming Scrolls game.

My advice don’t pirate video games if you can’t afford the game wait until you can afford it. Also using piracy as an excuse to try a game out for free is ridiculous when most games these day offer free demos. Minecraft even has one here:

Or if a game doesn’t offer a demo then do some research about and if it sounds rubbish play something else. Theres plenty of free and cheap video games these days. For example Dig-N-Rig and Steam always has sales these days.

In other Minecraft news patch 1.1 was released today. All of the bug fixes and new features are detailed here:

I hope that helps clear up the matter.