Impressive Steam Statistics

The number game.

Steam have passed five million concurrent users on the 2nd of January which was likely caused by the popularity of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the Steam Christmas Sale. Valve have also confirmed that Steam had passed 30 million active accounts from October 2010 which has likely increased significantly since then.

More stats have been released which show some even more impressive Steam related figures.

Read more to see the statistics.

Steam statistics:

  • 1800 games now on Steam.
  • Steamworks is now in over 400 games.
  • 40 million accounts registered.
  • Year-on-year sales increased by over 100%, for the seventh year running.
  • Simultaneous users topped 5 million during December.
  • Served over 780 petabytes of data; twice that of 2010.
  • Over 14.5m Steamworks games were registered, 67% up from 2010.
  • Over 19m in-game items were traded.

Steam is definitely one of the market leaders in digital video game distribution on PC.