The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask Locations

Where's Your Mask At.

A Dragon Priest Mask is obtained after defeating each of the eight Dragon Priests that appear in locations throughout Skyrim.

Each mask has a unique color and made of different materials. The masks our named after its master, and has unique effects. The masks usually have three effects that increase your skills.

The priests are found close to Words of Power walls in coffins like other Draugr.

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Mask Locations:


Found at Volskygge in Haafingar

20% better prices, 20 more carrying capacity and gives you the ability to breathe underwater.


Found at High Gate Ruins in The Pale

Conjuration, Illusion and Alterations spells cost 20% less to cast.


Found at Ragnvald in The Reach.

+30% Resistance against fire, frost and shock.


Found at Labrynthian in Hjaalmarch.

Magicka regenerates 100% faster.


Found at Forelhost in The Rift

Increases stamina by 70 points.


Found at Valthume in The Reach

The wearer is immune to disease and poison.


Found at Shearpoint in The Pale

Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy are 20% better.


Found at Skuldafn – Only attainable prior to entering the portal to Sovngarde, during The World-Eater’s Eyrie quest.

+50 magicka, and destruction and restoration spell cost 20% less.

The Ninth Mask

After collecting the eight Dragon Priest masks proceed to the barrow in Labrynthian to find the Wooden Mask that sends you back in time to the Dragon Priest Shrine. Place the 8 masks in each slot to get the Konahrik mask.

Konahrik is the ninth Dragon Priest mask. When the wearer is low on health, there is a chance the mask will knock back enemies, heal the wearer and any nearby allies, and grant a fire cloak for a brief time. Also, on rare occasions, the mask will summon a spectral Dragon Priest to come to your aid.

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