Dungeon Defenders Patch 7.12 is Available

Where's the zombie mods?

Dungeon Defenders has been updated recently with some exciting new additions such as being able to create a “Hero Shop” also I think the game should now support Mods and be completely modified however I havent tested this out my self but this feature should be added by now. Definitely some exciting Dungeon Defenders related things to look forward to in the future.

The path will download automatically if you have the Dungeon Defenders installed on Steam. I am unsure whether the console versions have also been updated.

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Read more to see the full patch notes.


  • PvE: Added new 8-player “Über Monster Fest!” challenge mission as part of the ‘New Heroes Pack’
  • All: Players can now to create their own “Hero Shop” with Items they own, set prices on those Items, and then specifically list their game as an “AFK Shop” game. Added button to view the available DefendersStore.com Items along with the active “AFK Shops”.
  • All: Added a “Add to DefendersStore.com” button to the Item Box and Hero Shop, which enables you to post/updates your items to DefendersStore.com directly from within the game! Also the Items automatically remove themselves from DefendersStore.com when they get sold from your shop!


  • All: You can now hold “Alt” and click on another Hero Icon in the Hero Selection or Swapping UI to swap those two hero positions, so you can more easily organize your heroes into sets.
  • All: Score indicator collapses the same-type labels onto each other, so if you kill 100 goblins before the score indicator has caught up, you get a “Killed 100 +100” message rather than 100 goblin kill messages. This makes the score indicator much more useful and timely.
  • All: Every slower swinging melee weapon now deals proportionally more damage! (as listed on their Damage Stat too). Is retroactive.
  • All: Raised Mana Bank non-shop earnings Cap to 100,000,000
  • PvE: Adept “Instant Upgrade” can now also be used in the Build Phase, useful for time-limited missions, and reduced the cost of “Purity Bomb” to 200 Mana. Also, Instant-Upgrade can be used beyond Upgrade Level 5 to do an Instant Repair, at a high cost of Mana.
  • PvE: Dark Elf Warrior Damage to Towers reduced by 50%, and their Targeting Desirability to Towers reduced by 40%.
  • All: Monk Weapons retroactively buffed 33% Melee Damage, Monk Ranged Damage Exponential Ramp nerfed 20%, Monk Hero Boost upkeep cost increased 20%.
  • All: Redesigned the Adept animations.
  • All: Upgrading Projectile Speed now has a minimal impact on resale value.
  • All: All Chicken Pets standardized to 80 Upgrade Levels.
  • All: Countess “Joust” damage scales better (increased damage stat ramp by 20%), and “Joust” now does scaled Weapon Elemental Damage as well. Countess “Call To Arms” radius raised and ally damage buff ramp increased 15%
  • All: Definitive Chicken-Pet 33% damage buff.


  • All: Fixed bug where you could get someone else’s Tavern dropped items in YOUR Tavern.
  • All: Keyboard-lockout after naming your game when using a Gamepad is fixed
  • All: Likely fix for weapon-not-appearing-on-character issue under lossy-network conditions
  • All: Another Countess “Joust” client issue fixed,
  • DDDK: Total Conversions can now use custom Materials.

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