Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 11: Secrets of the Artificers Now Available

Dragons & Dungeons.

The latest update for Dungeons & Dragons Online has been released. Dungeons & Dragons Online is a game I have been playing quite a bit recently this is because I’m getting tired of traditional hot key MMORPGs. D&D Online is good because it’s a hack and slash type of game where you can play it like a single player RPG or invite a small group of friends to have a more fun experience.

Theres much more that makes Dungeons & Dragons Online good so I might talk about it more in the future but the main selling point is that you can play the game for free or choose to pay for certain benefits.

Read more to see the main updates and the full patch notes.

Update 11: Secrets of the Artificers (12/09/11):

  • New class: Artificer
  • Enhancements: Artificer enhancements
  • Game mechanic: Bravery Bonus

Adventure Pack: Secrets of the Artificers

  • Wilderness Area: House Cannith Manufactury, Artificer Workshops, Research Facility
  • Quests (Dungeons): Blown to Bits, Power Play, Schemes of the Enemy
  • Raids: The Lord of Blades, The Master Artificer


  • Rune Arm – New weapon type for Artificers
  • New Named Items


  • Level cap increased to 150
  • Runestones

Full Update 11 Release Notes.

Exciting times in Dungeons & Dragons Online.

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