Sengoku Available Now

Sengoku the latest game from strategy game masters Paradox Interactive is now available on all good digital stores. You can download the demo for Sengoku if you want. There’s a 15 year time limit, but it should help you to decide whether to buy it or not.

“The year is 1467 and civil war has broken out. The authority of the Ashikaga Shoguns has collapsed and it is every man for himself in the provinces. Honor and duty vie with survival in the delicate dance of power, conquest and betrayal as you attempt to unite the land of the Rising Sun through a combination of deal-making with foreign powers, sending your powerful samurai armies into battle against your enemies, and unleashing shadowy Ninja clans under the cover of darkness to assassinate your rivals!”

I have tried the demo and I am quite disappointed despite thinking it would be quite good. if you have played any Total War game you will see the differences in quality between the two. Sengoku is trying to be Total War: Shogun 2 but fails. it just so unintuitive and overly complicated more so than previous games from Paradox Interactive such as Knights of Honor. I would wait for the game to be lowered in price to under £10 paying nearly £30 is laughable.