Messiah (PC) Screenshots

Help me Jebus!


All security personnel, be on the lookout for a humanoid measuring around two and a half feet in height, with wing-like protrusions from its back. Suspect is reported to be in violation of the following codes: Forty one dash nine. Infiltration of class A, B and D security areas with intent to sabotage. Twenty one dash one two. Purposeful destruction of property and personnel. One four three dash one. General mischief involving firearms. Suspect matches no known species ID and is therefore in violation of the genetic manipulation act or legal planet residuary order five one five. Approach with caution and consider it a threat.

Dance by yourself.
Please God make me a sequel... amen.
No time to hang around.
He's been practicing hes diving.
It's getting hot in here.
Pump those legs Bob.
Television doesn't get better in the future.

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