My Game Memories #2 Messiah (PC)

Cherub vs Satan… Fight!

Everyone who plays games, watches film or even reads books have specific memories that stick with them. These are my gaming memories, this time its Messiah (PC). Instead of explaining the whole game this will just be a certain moment that still stays with me.


The player controls Bob, a cherub sent by God to clean up the corruption and sin on Earth. After making his way through the world and defeating a genetically modified super-human, Bob is asked to return by God, telling him that if humans are prepared to tamper with His creations, there is no place for Him on Earth and leave them to their own devices.

Bob refuses and this act of defiance attracts the attention of Satan, who follows Bob and attempts to lead him astray. As the story progresses, it becomes quite clear that Satan is behind the corruption on Earth, and it’s up to Bob to stop him.

My Gaming Moment

Entering a host… always from the back.

The ability to be able to jump into most NPCs in the game turns this from being an average third person game to a great game. This also makes the game have many memorable moments so I couldn’t pick form a precise moment. Anything that involves using a host is memorable. Messiah is one of the first and few games to use this type of mechanic which is a shame.

While in his cherub form, Bob is defenseless and can very easily be killed; however, he may possess any biological life form by jumping into their body. The most common type of life form is Human but there are also rats, cyborgs and aliens. Bob will spend much of his time jumping from one to another.

Taking control of a rat to navigate the tunnels is a highlight.

Once in control of a host, you will know if you are controlling a host when the halo appears around the characters head. He can interact with the environment and NPCs by using switches or weapons and fighting in unarmed combat. Some switches require a specific human host to activate (e.g. a scientist is required to access a secure laboratory area, or a radiation worker to handle live nuclear material); these form the basis for the game’s puzzles.

Most humans will ignore Bob, or be intrigued by him. The police and security force, however, will shoot on sight, as will the Chots – a humanoid race who regularly appear in street battles with the police.

Dakka dakka! “Hey Jim have you gone mad!?”

Messiah was over looked by many when it came out but it’s still highly playable and enjoyable today.

Join me next time for a stroll down my memory lane.

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  1. Heh, the idea of Messiah sounds interesting…
    I have lots of video games memory too, waaaay to many!
    Thanks for sharing yours!

    1. Thanks, I have many too. Thats why I thought It be a good idea to share my gaming memories for other people to enjoy and also for me to remember so I dont forget.

  2. Отличная статья! большое спасибо автору за интересный материал. Удачи в развитии!!! :)

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