Batman: Arkham City Screenshots

"My eyes are up here!".

The sequel to Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City should be out in Autumn 2011, and it already looks like its going to be another good Batman game and the graphics are looking greatly improved over the previous game, which was very good at the time. These are some screens from the game with a few comments for a bit of amusement.

Dwarf henchmen for hire. Do anything for beer, beatings are free.
One sad clown caught red-handed.

"One at a time please. You will all get your heads punched in".
"Where he go?" "He's a sneaky one" etc.
Moody shot #6. "That ones a keeper".
"I can't feel my face".
"Do the zip up hun. I am trying to eat here".
"Give me your money!". "Nooo!".