The UK Best Selling Video Games of 2011

Why is Call of Duty always top?

The following show the sales for the various platforms and overall top-selling video games. Unsurprising Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and two EA games are the top three overall selling video games of 2011 with EA’s and Activision Blizzard domination of the industry and the popularity of Call of Duty. However that’s not a good thing.

Digital sales are not counted, although they will be soon.

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The Best Video Games of 2011 and Other Awards

The golden face of video games.

With it being the last day of the year I though I would put together a list of the best PC, PSP, Xbox 360 and DS games from 2011.

To qualify for an award I must have played the game in the last 12 months but the game doesn’t have to been released in 2011. Also if I haven’t played a game yet it can’t be up for an award as I wont know whether its good or not.

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The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve) Features

Getting a well-earned rest when the worlds about to end.

The 3rd Birthday is a PSP game by Square Enix. It was originally released for Japanese mobile phones. It is a sequel to Parasite Eve with Aya fighting a monster infestation in New York.

This game stands out from other PSP games because of its visuals which look great on the PSP. And it reminds me of the original games.

A unique feature in the game is the ability to see Aya’s clothes get ruined and see her skin get bloodied. This happens when she takes damage. At the moment I am not sure if this makes the game more or less realistic. Either way it makes the game different and visual interesting and you can see her bum in more detail, after all your going to be seeing her back a lot.

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