Website Redesign 2.0

The old site from 2010 to the new one of 2019.

Welcome, you might have noticed the website looks a bit different, this is because after using the same website design (mistlylook) for more than eight years, I have decided that the website needed a new feel. The old design I kept because I liked how it kept everything neat in the middle, which meant content and other functions of the site were easy to navigate. However the new design offers plenty off new style, and ease of use.

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Megaman (NES) Review

Megaman is a fun but hard side scroller. It stars a person in a blue robot type suit who acquires new weapons from the bosses he defeats.

Like a few other games you can choose in which order you want to play each of its different seven stages. Each stage is based on a boss character, so Iceman stage will have ice and snow etc. There is Fireman, Iceman, Bombman, Gutsman, Cutman, and Elecman stages. The names in Megaman are always lame but I guess that’s the point. I remember Megaman actually being called Rockman some where but I might be imaging that. The stages are well designed with different enemies and enviroments depending on which one you have selected.

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