Website Redesign 3.0

The old site versus the new one from 2023.

Hello everyone. You might have noticed that the website looks a bit different now. I have had the new look website for about three years now, I have now updated it, so it shows more of my various posts. Now each page shows a small wall of posts with images and links.

Instead of having written links on pages, I decided to have actual images and boxes. I feel this looks better than before. The website design is mostly the same, except for more pages, and they have been organised better.

For example, the Features page has sub-pages on the top of the page with recent posts underneath. If you click on a picture, it will go to that relevant page or post.

Another benefit of the way the pages have been laid out is that they automatically update with new posts when new posts are released. Before, I had to manually find and copy the post link and paste it. Now the post will automatically appear on the relevant pages.

The home page has also been designed to show more of my work and allow quicker access to new posts and other posts I may want to highlight.

Some smaller pages still need updating. They will be updated in time.

Enjoy the fresher look!

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