Website Redesign 2.0

The old site from 2010 to the new one of 2019.

Welcome, you might have noticed the website looks a bit different, this is because after using the same website design (mistlylook) for more than eight years, I have decided that the website needed a new feel. The old design I kept because I liked how it kept everything neat in the middle, which meant content and other functions of the site were easy to navigate. However the new design offers plenty off new style, and ease of use.

The new design I have chosen allows me to fill more words onto one line, so posts will look shorter, but are still the same size in terms of word count. The new design will also allow me to use bigger images on posts, which will mean I will not have to crop images, and create smaller version that could be enlarged when clicked on. This will mean however that older posts will have more noticeable smaller images, but they are still worth looking at, and function the same. Other benefits such as: videos now fill more of the page, so can now be viewed easier without having to go into full screen, social links are icons at the top of the page, pages are organised a bit more easier, and a lot more.

Enjoy the new look!

Note: I am working on my 2018 Game of The Year (GOTY) post, and it should be ready soon. It is currently over 4100 words, and has taken some time to put together.