Neo Geo Pocket Returns with Neo Geo Pocket 2? [Updated!]

Who wants a Neo Geo? I want a Neo Geo!

SNK plans to release an officially licensed portable device that includes twenty Neo Geo games.

According to Famicom Plaza, this system, which has a temporary name of “Neo Geo Portable Device” will have a 4.3 inch screen, two gigs of internal storage, and twenty Neo Geo games built-in. It measures 170 x 72 x 15mm, which is slightly larger than an iPhone.

Read more to see the game list, device screenshots, a classic Neo Geo Pocket Colour commercial and more information.

Update! 31/01/12: There is a site which claims to be the official site for the new Neo Geo. The new handheld is apparently called the Neo Geo X. There isn’t much on the site however you can register your interest in the Neo Geo X. I havent tried it out seeing as it might be a fake site.

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