Entertainment Out This Week: Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation Edition (07/12/15)

Explosive and fun Cruise action, probably.
Explosive and fun Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg action, probably.

All the new entertainment (Games, Music, DVDs and Blu-Ray) that will be out and available this week (07/12/15 to 11/12/15) in most stores near you (England).

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Ten New Halo 4 Screenshots

In space no one can see your tears.

343 Industries have released some new screenshots for Halo 4. These screenshots feature the game’s many modes. The campaign screens show the Dawn and Infinity missions. There is some from the map called Complex and the new Flood multiplayer mode. Finally the last screenshots show the Spartan Ops mission known as The Challenge.

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Halo 4 Achievements

The new Halo game Halo: Bigger than Jesus gained mix reactions.

Microsoft have released the complete list of Xbox 360 achievements for Halo 4. As always the list probably contains some spoilers.

343 Industries said “Our primary goal when creating Halo 4’s achievements was to reward milestones and increase replay value while balancing both difficulty and the breadth of game modes. Our secondary goal was to live up to Halo tradition with weird ass names for some of them.”

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