Sci-Fi Game Return to Grace Announced

Listen to the AI.

Developer and publisher Creative Bytes Studios has announced recently that their 1960s retro sci-fi game Return to Grace will be released on 30th May 2023.

In Return to Grace, you play as Adamari “Adie” Ito in the year 3820, looking to find what happened to an ancient artificial intelligence called “Grace.” The AI went missing 900 years ago, and Adie is determined to discover what happened.

The game has a retro-futuristic style where solving puzzles and exploring are the main focus. It will apparently have branching story paths and multiple endings.

Explore lavishly decorated places in space.
Press buttons to open doors.
Technology seemly stops at a point.

Throughout the game, Adie will be joined by different AIs to keep her company and give support and background to the world.

The setting and style for Return to Grace could mean the game is worth playing through. It is a walking simulator, so it will likely be short. The story and atmosphere, and movement will need to be good.

Return to Grace will be released for PC on 30th May 2023.

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