New Trailer for Unrecord a Realistic Looking Cop Game

“I need backup now! The car is shooting back!”

Developer Drama has released the first full trailer of their bodycam-style first-person game that some thought was fake or real.

Unrecord tells the story of a police officer from the perspective of his body camera. You will work to solve a complex case and use tactical and detective skills to succeed.

The game is a mix between the SWAT and Ready or Not games and a game like Escape from Tarkov. It plays like a single-player version of Ready or Not but looks more like Escape from Tarkov, in which realism is the goal. You will also make narrative and dialogue choices.

“Why don’t the force give us more than three magazines?”
“I need backup now! The suspect is resisting arrest!”
“I need backup now! My trigger finger is itchy!”

Some people thought the game was real-life footage when they saw little video clips in the past but looks about as real as the previous games I mentioned. What sells the realism is the blurry nature of the camera footage, without it wouldn’t probably look as good.

With the theme surrounding the game, some may find it as upsetting or not tasteful, yet it is no morally worse than any other game or film that comes out these days.

Game FAQ

Pro-police or Anti-police?
As a French studio addressing a global audience, the game does not engage in any foreign policy and is not inspired by any real-life events. The game will obviously avoid any undesirable topics such as discrimination, racism, violence against women and minorities. The game will have no biased or Manichaean take on criminal acts and police violence. We also respect and understand people who may feel disturbed by the game’s images. Art cannot fight against interpretation.

There is no release date for the game. However, Unrecord has a Steam page where you can read a FAQ about their intentions.