Eresys is Now Available

They can see you from the woods.

Developer Ares Dragonis and publisher Dragonis Games have released Eresys, their Lovecraftian-inspired co-op game. It is out now on Steam Early Access.

Eresys has an AI system similar to games like Left 4 Dead. Like that game, it is co-op, where you work against the computer to solve puzzles and fight enemies.

The game is clearly an indie title and seems a bit rough. It also seems like, it will not be fun to play alone, so you need people to play with.

While I don’t care about the Lovecraft world, I don’t mind games that use those themes. It could be a good game if you are looking for a scary one to play with friends. Even more so If you are tired of Phasmophobia.

Eresys is now available for PC on Steam Early Access.