Minecraft Legends is Now Available

Lead your ragtag group of units into combat.

Developers Mojang Studios, Blackbird Interactive and publisher Xbox Game Studios have released their new take on the Minecraft licence. Called Minecraft Legends, it is a tactical strategy action game.

Minecraft Legends is a lot like the Pikmin series. It is a third-person strategy game where you can lead and command large groups of units to attack your enemies. It is also similar to Battalion Wars games from the GameCube and Wii.

The Minecraft franchise has a mixed series of spin-off games. Minecraft Dungeons is interesting despite not being very deep at the time of release and barely Minecraft-like except for the theme.

Minecraft Legends look like it will be the same, an action strategy game with a Minecraft coat of paint. You could easily make Legends and Dungeons games with a different theme, and it wouldn’t change the overall gameplay.

This game looks like it may be user-friendly yet pretty shallow. If more is added, it may feel meatier, but that is a lot to ask for someone to wait for.

Minecraft Legends is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One Series S and X. It is also available on Game Pass.