Eresys is Out Next Week

Everyone’s favourite fish people are present.

Developers Ares Dragonis and publisher Dragonis Games have announced recently that their Lovecraftian-inspired co-op game Eresys will be out in April.

In Eresys, you play as one of four cultists working to seal off the AI monsters from entering your world.

Eresys apparently has an advanced AI system. Which will observe your actions and adapt to your tactics. Which I assume will be similar to how it worked in Left 4 Dead. They will also react to how to use your microphone, similar to Phasmophobia. Also, similarly to Left 4 Dead, the game will have Safe Houses that you can use to rest and resupply.

Gas clouds and slugs.
Shrines to the great ones.
The darkness is evident.

The game will have a progression system, and enemies will become harder as your progress. As it is a co-op game, Eresys will probably be difficult or not fun to play alone.

I don’t particularly care about the Lovecraft world or the Chtulut Mythos. I enjoy the themes in games like Sunless Sea and Darkest Dungeon. Eresys could be an interesting take on the Phasmophobia formula.

Eresys will release on PC for Steam Early Access on 20th April 2023.