Wildfrost is Now Available

There are a lot of big mouths in Wldfrost.

Developer Deadpan Games, Gaziter and publisher Chucklefish have released Wildfrost, their tactical roguelike deckbuilder in a frozen world.

In Wildfrost, the world has been frozen, known as the Wildfrost. Now the only survivors are the residents of Snowdwell.

You will build a deck with items and companions to help remove the frost. The game features roguelike elements, and you will venture through randomised maps with leaders with random skills and stats.

The main focus is the card battles that centre around the counter system. Cards don’t always attack, but only when the timer counts down. This means you need to plan and check the enemy’s upcoming attacks.

Wildfrost also offers daily runs and challenge levels. I have not tried the game, but it looks colourful, at least and could be great. However, I suspect it will be harder than it needs to be and require too much micromanaging.

Wildfrost is now available on PC and the Nintendo Switch. A demo is available on the Nintendo Switch.