Trepang2 Blasts in June

Paper flying around effects always look good.

Developers Trepang Studios and publisher Team17 have announced that Trepang2, their over-top first-person shooter, will be out in June.

Trepang wants to be a spiritual successor to the fast and violent first-person games of the middle 2000s.

You play as a newly enhanced super soldier broken out from a black site and removed from their memories. Throughout the game, you are hunted by your former captives and other mysterious forces.

“This is Trepang2!”
Hard to see what is happening at times.
Gray Fox has been here.

Several weapons and superhuman abilities will be available to help you survive and unravel a conspiracy.

Trepang2 seems like a modern take on games like the F.E.A.R. series from Monolith Productions and Warner Bros. Games. That series was great, and if Trepang2 is anything near that, then it could be a welcome new addition to that genre.

Trepang2 will release for PC on 21st June 2023. A demo is currently available for the game.