Dredge is Now Available

I have always enjoyed fishing games.

Developer Black Salt Games and publisher Team17 have released their anticipated horror-inspired fishing game.

In Dredge, you play as a captain of a fishing trawler, exploring remote isles and waters to catch fish. You then sell what you catch to the locals and complete various quests. This allows you to get better equipment for your boat.

The Marrows have 125 different types of fish to catch and plenty to explore and discover. The game reminds me of the Sunless Seas games, focusing on trading, stories and the occult.

This game also looks impressive for what it is. It has already been well received by the public.

I have a copy of the Dredge and haven’t had time to play it. Once I have completed it, I will write a review. Maybe next week or the week after seems like the earliest.

You can read my review here: Dredge Review.

Dredge is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X. A demo is currently available on the Nintendo Switch if you want to try it beforehand.