Shadows of Doubt is Out in April

The mysterious and creepy city of the 1980s.

Developer ColePowered Games and publisher Fireshine Games have announced that the immersive sandbox detective stealth game Shadows of Doubt is out in PC Early Access in April.

In Shadows of Doubt, you play a detective and investigate crimes in an alternative reality in the 1980s. The procedurally generated cities are filled with named citizens with jobs, homes, and daily routines.

A variety of gadgets can be used to help solve cases. In each case, you choose how to track down suspects and approach them. You can scan fingerprints, check call histories, read emails, bribe citizens, watch cameras, sabotage security systems, pick locks, break down doors, and more to complete your investigations.

Question citizens about why they are outside near a bonfire.
Connect the clues to discover who stole your sandwich.
That person was like that when I arrived.

When out in Steam Early Access, Shadows of Doubt will include “The Dead of Night” case, and a Sandbox Mode, which features generated missions to investigate, civilians to meet, a variety of equipment, and procedurally-generated cities to explore.

An Early Access roadmap is supposed to be revealed next month, outlining additional features coming to the game before its full release.

The game will be great if it lives up to its immersive potential. It is a unique and exploratory take on being a detective. You are free to experiment and explore.

My minor worry is whether the procedural generation will create interesting enough cases to solve or will each one feel the same after a while. Also, the graphical style may be off-putting for some.

Shadows of Doubt will come out on PC Steam Early Access on 24th April 2023. The final game should be out later this year.