Resident Evil 4 is Now Available

Angry villagers and Father Christmas want to say “hello.”

Capcom has released Resident Evil 4. The remake of the classic survival horror game from 2005. Time to renter the horror.

Resident Evil 4 sees Leon S. Kennedy explore the Spanish countryside, searching for the American president’s daughter. During the game, Ada Wong and other recognizable characters pop up.

The game has been widely praised as a well-done remake. It helps that the original was so good, to begin with. It be interesting to see Capcom continue to remake their old games. It will be amusing if they remaster Resident Evil 6, the game that highlighted the temporary downward spiral of the Resident Evil series.

A demo is available for the game. I wrote a review of the demo, which you can read here: Resident Evil 4 Review [Demo].

Resident Evil 4 is now available on PC, Xbox Series S and X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.