Rough Justice: ’84 is Now Available

The agents have the 80s look down.

Rough Justice: ’84 is a new game by Gamma Minus UG and published by Daedalic Entertainment. It is an 80s crime-fighting-inspired board game which uses dice and cards to decide outcomes.

I like when games use board game mechanics but unique ways to decide outcomes. Games like Citizen Sleeper did a similar concept, but that game had too much text and did not have enough gameplay. This game seems to be more about the gameplay with the story intertwined. This is an approach I prefer.

In Rough Justice: ’84, there is a wide selection of agents for hire. All of which have strengths and weaknesses. These agents are assigned to cases and are the core loop of the gameplay.

Each agent has five different stats represented by dice, and choosing the best stats for the job is essential to being successful in a case. Also obtainable are gear cards. These are given to agents to temporarily increase dice rolls and make jobs easier.

The game is available now on PC.

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