GOTM: February 2023 – Expeditions: Rome

Time to rest, sell slaves, and upgrade gear in camp.

Game of the Month (GOTM) is my monthly post where I highlight my favourite video game of the month. These posts will determine my Game of the Year (GOTY) at the end of the year. The same rules apply to GOTM as it does when writing my GOTY.

GOTM 2023: February – Expeditions: Rome (PC)

My GOTM for February 2023 is Expeditions: Rome a tactical, strategy role-playing from Logic Artists.

Set in a mostly historically accurate period like the other Expeditions games, you play as a legatus (high-ranking general) who travels from Italy, Turkey, and North Africa, to France, intending to find out what has happened to their father while furthering the glory and power of Rome.

I have always wanted to play an Expeditions game, and with this being the third and last one, I decided the time was now to give it a go. I am also interested in the antiquity period. As it is set during that time, I am kept engaged, especially with the historic characters popping up.

The gameplay is similar in ways to the Divinity: Original Sin games as combat are turn-based tactical encounters, and in between that, you are wandering a map talking to people and exploring. It also shares similarities to the Total War and Mount & Blade games, as you send your legionnaires to fight battles and take over sections of the world map.

The tactical battles are enjoyable and make you think. Careful positioning with strategic usage of combat items will make them more manageable, as you will usually be outnumbered and often under time pressure.

Your legion camp acts as your forward operating base in-between tactical and legionnaire battles. It can be upgraded to improve its defence capabilities and to house facilities such as a place to improve morale, enhance equipment, and recruit new patricians and centurions. As it visually changes, according to your colours, emblems used, and upgrades, it makes you feel like you are having an impact on the world and feel more immersed.

I encountered a few bugs and a major one that made me have to restart the whole game. However, the game is good enough to make you want to move past that.

I am still playing through Expeditions: Rome, so my views may change, but it has been fun. This is why it is my Game of the Month. I have dabbled with Atomic Heart, and that seems okay so far.

See you next time for my new 2023 Game of the Month.

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