Mordhau are Banning Players [Updated!]

Look at this jumbled mess. It’s like being Terminator but lame.

One of the people involved announced recently on the Mordhau Steam forums that the developers Triternion are banning players they believe are “using 3rd party cheat software at any time since release”. Some players have already started complaining of being unfairly banned.

We have game banned a little over 2000 players today for using 3rd party cheat software at any time since release. This is the first wave of such bans, and the infraction could have occurred at any point since release. Please don’t cheat. If you believe your ban was in error and it was, it will be removed. Using things like lute bot and other harmless applications have not caused these bans. – marox

There are already many aimbots and wallhacks widely available for Mordhau so most of these bans are probably a result of these. Other programs like Cheat Engine may also cause bans but I can’t confirm that.

Mordhau has sold between 250,000 and 500,000 copies and has a player base of around 30,000 players so these bans aren’t really that big in terms of potential number of people who could be banned. On the other hand If the game continues to lose it’s players base and starts getting below the 1,000 mark, I don’t see them continuing to ban players to this extent.

I don’t use any programs or cheats like this at all so I haven’t been banned. To be honest I don’t feel sorry for people who get banned for cheating. Games are for fun, if you need to cheat in a game to have fun then you should take a long look at yourself in the mirror.

The biggest thing banning does reinforces is the believe that people are cheating. If you get killed by an archer who is far away you may think they are cheating. The chances are they aren’t but you never know now? I do commend Triternion for trying to make their game fun for everyone even if it might damage the game. There is no loot boxes or micro-transactions in the game so cheating has no real financial impact once you own the game for the developers. This doesn’t mean it okay though.

If you like to get better in the game consider reading my Mordhau Guide: Tips and Tricks post.

The ability to host your own servers means you can choose who you play with and the chances are none of the people you know are cheating.



The developers have released an update relating to the bans.

We are revoking some bans that have been part of this wave. Some of the bans we are revoking are legitimate, so some cheaters will slip through the net this time as we err on the side of caution. We are monitoring the situation and will be adjusting our detection. Some of the bans are blatantly obvious — those will remain. If you have been affected by this ban wave unjustly, please accept our sincere apologies as we try to make the game cheat-free for everyone. – marox

Seems some were a mistake but most will still remain in place. It’s worth reminding people that the majority of players weren’t impacted by the bans.