Mordhau Guide: Tips and Tricks

A bunch of tips to make playing Mordhau more fun.

Mordhau like Mount & Blade: Warband and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare before is a multiplayer medieval combat game where you can create sour own mercenary and fight in visceral battles in various game modes. These are all tips and tricks for the Frontline mode but can be used in most of the other game modes as well.

Tips and Tricks

Complete the Tutorial as it’s quick, teaches the basics and gives 2,500 gold.

Learn to use all the various combat moves: strikes, stabs, ripostes, chambers, feints, morphs, drags, and accelerations to your advantage. Play against bots, duel other players, or just play a lot to practice.

You can use your mouse to do various attacks but you may find it easier to bind these moves onto buttons.

Weapons don’t clip therefore they can get stuck on the environment and other players. Use your surrounding to your advantage as certain weapons are ineffective in certain locations. Stabbing weapons are more effective in tight spaces while swinging ones are better in open areas.

The default classes are good for ideas but not that much fun. Build your own mercenary straight away and play as one class at the beginning. Play as other classes later on.

Each new mercenary gets sixteen points to spend on gear and perks. The more armoured you are the slower you move and the less perks you have and visa versa.

There are three armour levels: Light, Medium, and Heavy. They cost one, two, and three points respectably.

There are nineteen perks in rough order of best: Bloodlust, Dodge, Friendly, Scavenger, Second Wind, Ranger, Fireproof, Fury, Rush, Tenacious, Cat, Flesh Wound, Huntsman, Wrecker, Acrobat, Brawler, Peasant, Rat, and Smith.

The Peasant perk allows you to use weapons such as sauce pans, and pitchforks.

Weapons, armour, and cosmetics cost gold to unlock. These only need to be unlocked once.

By playing as other classes will allow you to learn their weaknesses and strengths.

Medic bags and bandages can heal you and others.

Most weapons have an alternate use with the [R] button. Some weapons get thrown, others change the type of attack, while others change into a Mordhau technique where you use the hilt of your sword to attack.

Mordhau attacks do more damage against armour than a normal blade attack would do.

Apart from Frontline mode there is a: Battle Royale, Horde, Skirmish, Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch modes.

Engineers can build useful defences and are quicker to build barricades at capture locations.

From my experience the Red (Iron Company) team win 70% of matches. This is because about two/three of the four maps favour that team.

I rather play on the Blue team (Free Guard) but I find it easier to play on Red team as the Blue team players covered in blood look like Red team mercenaries.

Don’t be afraid of dying or team killing. Both happens and they help you to improve in the game over time. Just don’t make a habit of team killing constantly.

If you have an habit of doing team damage consider using the Friendly perk.

Ammo boxes allow you to refill your quivers or get more fire bombs.

Playing as an archer is hard but rewarding.

Horses are very powerful and can be devastating with an experienced player but speed is key. About two horses (from light to heavy) spawn for each team and can be climbed on near the main capture locations. Some other capture locations like the Smithy on the Glad map spawn a horse so use that to your advantage. You can also steal the enemies horses.

Captured locations allow any mercenary to build barricades to help defend them. These are shown as white hammers and when hit with a hammer slowly create a wooden wall, spikes, or a spike wall. A Wooden Mallet or two is normally near these locations.

To counter a shield player either use kicks [F] or flank them.

Your total experience and gold earned at an end of a match doesn’t necessary depend on your total score. It is more based on how long you play.

Engineers and other mercenaries equipped with a Toolbox can build a few different objects that can help players in battle.

With the Toolbox equipped you can change what you build with the [R] button and up to six total objects can be placed. Choose between Wooden Walls and Wooden Spiked objects.

Wooden Walls can be used to protect ranged mercenaries, create chokepoints, and block passages.

Wooden Spikes can impale players even teammates. Each touch decreases health and jumping on it can cause an instant kill. Mix with bear traps and obstacles for crazy contraptions.

You can place up to six bear traps at once.

By restocking your Toolbox at a ammo box will allow you to build a Mounted Crossbow which costs six resources. This has five shots and restocks one shot every five seconds.

You can rebuild and repair structures by using a Wooden Mallet or Blacksmith Hammer. The Smithy perk increases this by 50%.

Whatever your class an helmet or hat is essential as these help prevent instant decapitations and death.

If you want to reduce your armour then start from the legs, with chest or helmet last.

Most weapons from your fists to a lute can be lethal in the right hands. However some are clearly better than others.

Some highlights for easy kills: Maul (slow but instant kill), Rapier (quick that focuses on stabs), Executioners Sword (slower than a longsword but more powerful), Spears and Halberds (long reach and quite fast), Longsword (well balanced), Shield and Spear (quick, ranged and defensive).

Stamina and Health slowly restores when you are not sprinting, attacking, or jumping. No need to crouch, just walk about to heal.

If you runout of Stamina you are more likely to get disarmed. Archers always drops their bow or crossbow when hit by a melee weapon.

Corpse-humping or tea-bagging can be done in this game but it makes you look like a child.

Mercenaries take up physical space. This means you can block doorways and areas just by standing. Using a shield can turn you into a moving wall.

You can’t attack or go through other players when on a ladder.

The [H] button toggles displaying icons that show your friends and teammates.

The [V] button allows you to shootout various war shouts.

The [X] button does various emotes.

The [C] button allows you to do various taunts and messages.

The [X] button and then [1] button allow you to do sword flourishes.

The [`] button opens up the console window and (votekick <user name>) nominates someone to be kicked.

The [End] button suicides your mercenary.

The [Spacebar] button allows you to jump, climb, and clamber over objects and ledges.

Every ten player levels you unlock a new player banner. These can be changed on the player stats page.

All weapon and clothing customisation can be used at player level 30.

A shield holstered on your back protects you from arrows to the back.

The team with the higher percentage of capture locations will lose spawn tickets slower.

A match can be ended early by capturing all locations. The final location normally involves completing a special objective such as killing the opposition leaders, blowing up their mine, or knocking down their castle gate.

By default all mercenaries wear colours that represent their team. However this can be toggled of to show their true colours. This makes combat more immersive and harder.

All HUD elements can be toggled off. If for example you don’t want to see the toxic chat this can be turned off.

The game doesn’t have any built in voice or microphone options.

There is no team auto balance mechanic in Mordhau so expect one sided battles often.


I will add to this if I discover anymore tips and tricks.

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