Entertainment Out This Week: New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Edition (07/01/19)

An old and good Wii U game that many people missed the first time. Now has more content.

All the new entertainment (Games, Music, DVDs and Blu-Ray) that will be out and available this week (07/01/19 to 11/01/18) in most stores near you (England).

Xbox One Chart

  • None.

PlayStation 4 Chart

  • None.

Nintendo Chart

  • Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowsers Jr.’s Journey.
  • New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe Trailer.


  • Siberia (34/100).
  • Alpha.
  • Upgrade (67/100).
  • Mary Queen of Scots (61/100).
  • The Dragon Kingdom.
  • The 12th Man (75/100).
  • Action Point.
  • Stan & Ollie (71/100).

Come back for more new entertainment next week.