Steam Summer Sale 2015: Deals are Available

All the fun of a clicker game and a sale.
All the fun of a “clicker” game and a sale.

Valve Corporation have launched its annual Summer sale on Thursday (as I nearly predicted). Like many of the sales on Steam, most of their games on the service will be discounted. There are new flash sales every twelve hours, community sales and much more. This year Valve have decided to try a different format by introducing a cooperative aspect to the annual sales.

The Steam Summer Sale will last from 11th June to 21st June 2015.

Like always every day there are fifteen new games giving bigger discounts for twenty-four hours. On top of this thirty games are put on flash sales that last twelve hours. Finally the community can work together by playing the Monster Summer Game and by accomplishing several milestones will help the community unlock new games to be put on sale for twenty-four hours. While last year it was more competitive, it is now a cooperative game where even while you are not on Steam you are helping.

My main complaint of the game in last years sale was that it was encouraging people to spent more money in hope of getting some free games but now you are working together. However while last years game had many problems at least it was more exciting and felt like it was worthwhile doing. Now all you are doing is unlocking more games to be on sale but they are so easy to unlock and most so far haven’t been worth the trouble in getting either.

You can read more about the sale and the Monster Summer Game here but it is very simple that I can explain it in three sentences:

Firstly you can earn badges by crafting together Summer Sale Trading Cards and by participating in the Monster Summer Game which earns you cards and also a badge based on your highest level earned in the game. Secondly the Monster Summer Game is a very simple clicking game that involves fighting monsters in three lanes and using items to help you defeat them and to earn gold. Thirdly and finally the best way to play the Monster Summer Game is to spent gold on abilities that boost your auto attacks rather than your clicking attacks, this is because clicking ones only benefit you while you obviously are clicking on monsters and therefore are useless when your are not playing the game. Doing all this will help the community unlock milestones that unlock more game sales. It’s an interesting distraction but only actively play it if you want to ruin your mouse.

There will be a lot of quality games to choose from each day and there will also be plenty of deals to be had but like always if there’s some games you had your eyes on then the next two weeks is a better time than ever to get them. However I wouldn’t go crazy buying everything especially if you don’t have the time or will hardly play a certain game. For example a good game might only cost a few pounds but if you never play it then it’s still a waste of money.

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