Fantasy Life Guide. Beginner Tips, Life Path Overviews, Gold Lunares Coin Items and More

The Guild Master who is clearly the Master of the Guilds.
LIfe licences are required for jobs in Reveria which just means more bureaucracy.

Fantasy Life is an RPG developed by Level-5 and published by Nintendo (published by Level-5 in Japan) on the Nintendo 3DS where you can play the roles of twelve different Life paths from a lowly fisherman to a noble knight. I have made this guide which provides beginners tips, shows basic game controls, help on character progression, information about the many Life paths, the Gold Lunares Coin items and more. I will likely update this guide with new information or make different ones in the future.


Use Ctrl+F and then type in for example [LIF] to see more information about the various Life paths in Fantasy Life.

  • Beginner Tips [BEG]
  • Currencies [CUR]
  • Character Progression [CHP]
  • Basic Controls [BAS]
  • Combat [COM]
  • Character Stats [CHS]
  • Life Paths [LIF]
  • Crafting Locations [CRA]
  • Origin Island Expansion Pack [ORI]
  • Gold Lunares Coin Items [GOL]



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Beginner Tips [BEG]

Fantasy Life is all about using the different Life paths (jobs) to help you adventure, fight and create powerful new items. You are free just to play the game as a cook but to make the most of you time in Reveria it is recommended that players play as all the jobs. Unless if you know that you will be playing multiplayer a lot with a friend then it may be better to stick to only a few Life paths.

New players should start the game with any combat job: Paladin, Mercenary, Hunter or Magician. As soon as you can learn other jobs you should learn the three gathering jobs: Miner, Woodcutter and Angler. Now you can use your new skills to collect items for your chosen crafting jobs or to complete quests while adventuring.

Useful Combat Life Stats

  • Strength and Vitality is needed for a Paladin and Mercenary.
  • Strength and Dexterity is needed for a Hunter.
  • Intelligence and Focus is needed for a Magician.

Currencies [CUR]

Stars = Acquire enough of these and your rank in your current Life will rise.

Bliss = Gain enough Bliss and you’ll be able to keep pets in your room or have a mount at the stables. Pets can be took out adventuring while mounts can be ridden around Reveria. Flutter offers Bliss Bonuses, this can be used to get a pet, increase the size of your Bag and more.

Dosh = This is the main currency of Reveria. Use it to buy items, equipment and other things.

Character Progression [CHP]

Developing Your Skills

As you perform various actions, the skill bar will fill up. When the bar is full, the skill will level up which will increase its effectiveness. As these skill levels increase, you’ll be able to use better equipment, tools and more. The skill bars will fill quicker for skills that belong to your current life.

Increasing Ranks

Defeating enemies and completing various other tasks will give you experience points. When you have gained a  required number of points, your level will rise, increasing your HP and some status points that can be used improving your stats.


Each Life has ranks. By completing Challenges you’ll gain Stars. Once you’ve earned enough Stars, you will able to rank up. By ranking up, you will learn new Life specific techniques or recipes for crafting items. You may also receive extra rewards from your master or other support characters.

The Life ranks are as follows: Novice, Fledgling, Apprentice, Adept, Expert, Master, Hero, Legend and Legend+.


As you rank up, you’ll learn techniques relevant to your chosen Life. Combat Life paths will learn combat techniques, Crafters will learn new recipes, while Gatherers will learn techniques to help then when gathering materials.

Switching Chosen Life

When you are Fledgling rank in your current Life, you can go to the Guild Office to start another Life. You will no longer be able to use Special Skills learnt in another Life but you will still be able to use skills and techniques learnt in any other Life.

NPC Support Characters

There is a number of support characters who offer hints, items and help in combat. They will sometimes offer you Challenges to complete.


All Life paths will give Challenges to do. To view the Challenges you can undertake, select Licences in the game main menu.

Complete Challenges

Your master will award you Stars for completing challenges which will allow you to rank up. When you rank up your master will issue new Challenges for you.

Basic Controls [BAS]

Dashing = Hold (B) while moving. Dashing uses SP.

Sneaking = Hold down (B), then move Stick to sneak around. Sneaking uses SP. While sneaking enemies are less likely to attack or see you. To stop sneaking, press (B) again.

Gestures = Hold a direction on (D-Pad) for a little while to perform a gesture assigned to that button. These can be changed in the main menu.

Camera Controls = Use (L) and (R) to move the camera around. Press (L) and (R) at the same tome to reset the camera to its default position.

Talk and Examine = Press (A) at characters or certain objects to interact with them. You can press (X) on important characters to view more details.

Gathering = Press (A) when standing in front of objects that display a Hand Icon and you’ll be able to pick up an item and store it in your bag.

Attacking = Press (A) to draw your weapon when enemy. When your weapon is drawn, press (A) again to attack, multiple presses does a combo. (Y) switches targets. Press (B) to put your weapon away. When using a bow or staff, you can use the (D-Pad) to change the arrow or magic type you are using.

Special Skills = Once you reach Adept rank in a life, you’ll be able to use a Special Skill. For example a Paladin gains a powerful attack. In order to use a Special Skill, you’ll need to have an appropriate weapon or tool equipped. When your Special Skill bar is full press (X) to use the Special Skill.


If you defeat enemies in the world you will be rewarded with experience points (Exp). Enemies may drop Dosh and items while some monsters only appear at night.

Beasts and Bounties

When you defeat a powerful monsters, a Bounty may appear. Take Bounties to a Bounty Clerk for a reward. Bounty Clerks can be found throughout Reveria in a Guild Office.

Attack Stat = Changes the amount of damage you deal to enemies using physical attacks.

Defence Stat = Changes The amount of damage you take from enemies physical attacks.

Magic Attack Stat = Changes the amount of damage you deal to enemies using magic attacks.

Magic Defence Stat = Changes the amount of damage you take from enemies magic attacks.

Elements Stat = Fire, Wind, Water and Earth symbols. Your tolerance to these individual element attacks. The higher these numbers, the less damage you will take from these elements. Element stats affects you and your enemies attack damage.

Character Stats [CHS]

Strength (Paladin, Mercenary, Hunter, Miner and Woodcutter)

  • Increases Attack with sword and bow.
  • Allows you to mine and cut higher level rocks and trees.

Vitality (Paladin, Mercenary, Blacksmith and Carpenter)

  • Increases Attack.
  • Improves Life Stat for Blacksmithing and Carpentry.

Intelligence (Magician and Alchemist)

  • Increases Magical Attack.
  • Improves Life Stat for Alchemy.

Focus (Magician, Cook, Angler and Miner)

  • Impacts Attack and Magic Attack.
  • Improves Cooking, Fishing and Mining.

Dexterity (Hunter and Tailor)

  • Improves bows and dagger skills.
  • Improves Sewing.

Luck (All Life paths)

  • Increases critical hit chance.
  • Increases chance of finding high quality items.
  • Increases chance of creating a high quality.

Life Paths [LIF]


Paladin = Monsters and creatures of evil never take a holiday, and neither does the valiant Paladin. Weapon in hand, become a shield of the innocent and the sword of the weak.”

  • Uses swords and shields.
  • Increases HP and Vitality Stat.

Mercenary = “Allegiance to none, a soldier to all. You only need your trusty blade and keen skills to get the job done. Oversized claymore totally included!”

  • Uses two-handed Swords.
  • Increases HP and Strength Stat.

Hunter = “Let your hunting instincts guide you as you stalk your prey deep in the forest or out under the scorching desert sun.”

  • Uses a bow.
  • Uses different arrows that do different element and status attacks.
  • Increases Strength and Dexterity Stats.

Magician = “Harness the power of the elements to perform a variety of potent healing and attacking spells. Now that’s magic!”

  • Uses staffs.
  • Uses the four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
  • Increases Intelligence and Focus Stats.


Miner = “Arm yourself with your trusty pickaxe and get ready to rock some rocks! A cornucopia of precious metals lies in wait deep underground. Can you dig it?”

  • Uses a pickaxe to mine rocks.
  • Increases Strength and Focus Stats.

Woodcutter = “Arm yourself with an axe and take to the forest for that authentic lumberjack lifestyle. Remember, respect nature and nature will respect you!”

  • Uses an axe to cut trees.
  • Increases Strength and Dexterity Stats.

Angler = “Grab your trusty fishing rod and traverse the land in search of fishing spots! Fishing may seem like an easy job, but if you come home empty-handed, you’ll be going to sleep hungry.”

  • Uses a fishing rod to catch fish.
  • Increases Intelligence and Focus Stats.


Cook = “Become a gourmet Cook and enslave even the King with the heavenly taste of your signature dishes! Spice up your life with, um… condiments!”

  • Can make food. Food gives different effects.
  • Increases Focus and Dexterity Stats.

Blacksmith = “What would a Paladin do without a sword, or a Miner without a pickaxe? Blacksmiths are simply indispensable in every town! Forge the finest tools, weapons and armour!”

  • Can make weapons and armour for a Paladin and Mercenary.
  • Can make tools for other Life paths.
  • Increases Vitality and Focus Stats.

Carpenter = “Weapons and armour of steel and alchemic elixirs? No, yours is a more practical craft. What good is a Paladin if they have no bed to sleep in? All other crafts rest on the product of your skills. Literally.”

  • Can make different decorations for your home.
  • Can make materials for Blacksmiths.
  • Can make tools for other Life paths.
  • Increases Vitality and Dexterity Stats.

Tailor = “Fashion. Everyone wants it but few can truly “get” it. You can double-stitch your way to the centre of the fashionista’s wardrobe. And you look Fab-u-lous doing it!”

  • Can make clothes for a Hunters, Magicians, Anglers and Cooks.
  • Increases Intelligence and Dexterity Stats.

Alchemist = “It’s not magic, I say! No, not a scam either! Alchemists can really turn weeds and the like into usable items!”

  • Can make potions and others items such as bombs.
  • Can makes accessories.
  • Increases Intelligence and Dexterity Stats.

Crafting Locations [CRA]

Royal Castele Library (Castele Square)

A place where you can use the Alchemy skill to make items, bombs and other items.

Royal Castele Workshop (Castele Artisans’ District)

A place where you can use the Smithing, Sewing and Carpentry skills to craft and forge items.

Alfredo’s Bistro (Shopping District)

A place where you can use the Cooking skill to make food.

Origin Island Expansion Pack [ORI]

  • A new island to explore and new quests – Additional elements for avatar customisation.
  • Re-customisation of avatar.
  • New ranks and new recipes.
  • Additional pets.
  • New holiday homes.
  • New decor and other additional items.

After installing the Origin Island Expansion Pack, you will have access to additional, special items to exchange for Lunares Coins you have earned while playing.

Origin Island Expansion Requires:

  • Complete the main story.
  • Be able to invite both Yuelia and Noelia to join your party.
    – Yuelia: Becomes an ally after completing the main story.
    – Noelia: Reach level 45.
  • Reach level 50.
  • After completing the above, go and speak with Yuelia in your room.

Gold Lunares Coin Items [GOL]

These items require the Origin Island expansion. After completing the main story the Exchange Clerk will visit Pam. The Exchange Clerk trades Gold Lunares Coins for items. Pam will also start given requests which reward 2 Silver Lunares Coins. 4 Silver Lunares Coins can be exchanged for 1 Gold Lunares Coin by the old man at the Goddess Statue in the Rocky Hill area.

  • Alchemist’s Pride: Improves Alchemy Skill = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Angelic Mirror: Allows character customisation = 15 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Anger’s Pride: Improves Life skill levelling = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Blacksmith’s Pride: Improves Life skill levelling = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Carpenter’s Pride: Improves Life skill levelling = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Companion Cape: x2 Friendship growth = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Cook’s Pride: Improves Life skill levelling = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Demonic Mirror: Allow character respecting = 12 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Fanciful Feet: x2 Experience points = 7 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Friendship Gloves: Improves friendships = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Goddess’s Blessing: Restore HP with Life Cures = 7 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Hermes Sandals: Can Dash without SP = 5 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Hunter’s Pride: Improves Life skill levelling = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Legendary Talisman: Stops knockback = 5 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Magician’s Pride: Improves Life skill levelling = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Mercenary’s Pride: Improves Life skill levelling = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Millionaires Feet: Dosh Drop item = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Miner’s Pride: Improves Life skill levelling = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Miracle Gloves: Revive party members to full HP = 5 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Moon Ring: Gives SP regenerating = 5 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Paladin’s Pride: Improves Life skill levelling = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Rainbow Vase: Able to dye items in your room = 9 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Royal Pass: Facilities for free to use = 10 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Star Ring: HP regeneration in battle = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Sun ring: x2 Special Skill charge rate = 7 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Tailor’s Pride: Improves Life skill levelling = 3 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Treasure Gloves: x2 loot from chests = 7 Gold Lunares coins.
  • Woodcutter’s Pride: Improves Life skill levelling = 3 Gold Lunares coins.

Source: Fantasy Life manual.

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