Nintendo 3DS Update 9.0.0-20U is Now Available. Adds Themes and Screenshot Feature

Cusotmise your Nintendo 3DS with cool and colourful themes and then take a picture of it.
Customise your Nintendo 3DS with colourful themes and then take a picture of it.

Nintendo’s latest system update for the Nintendo 3DS adds themes to allow users to customise the design and sounds of their HOME Menu. The update includes five free themes with additional themes available for purchase from the new Theme Shop which can be changed via the HOME Menu settings.

The new system update also adds a feature that allows users to take screenshots of their HOME Menu by holding down the Y button and either Up on the d-pad for the top screen or Down on the d-pad for the bottom screen.

Update 9.0.0-20U

  • Users can now use themes to customize the design and sounds of the HOME Menu.
    – Five themes are pre-installed and additional themes can be purchased from the Theme Shop.
    – Themes can be changed by using settings located within the HOME Menu settings.
  • A feature has been added that allows users to capture screenshots of their HOME Menu.
  • The Nintendo eShop Title Information page has been updated to provide easier access to any available videos, demos, user reviews, and other information.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

Themes in Japan

  • Youkai Watch.
  • 2 Monster Hunter 4G themes.
  • 10 Azure Striker Gunvolt themes.
  • Luigi, Yoshi, Mario and Peach themes.
  • Mario characters (woodgrain).
  • Mario characters (felt print).
  • BlazBlue: Clone Phantasma.
  • Mario (NES).
  • Hanafuda color.
  • Black x White stripes, dots and checkered flag themes.
  • Gold x White dots.
  • Gold x Black stars.
  • Pink x White stripe.
  • Yellow x Purple stars.
  • Blue x Yellow large dots.
  • Pink x green large dots.
  • Aqua blue squares.
  • Animal Crossing (Office, Village Board, Nooking Junction, Able Sisters Mabel and Able Sisters Able) themes.
  • Escape Adventure: The Black Fog of Demise.
  • Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.
  • Simple clear color set Vol.1.
  • Simple color set Vol.1.
  • Rosalina, Mario, Peach and Bowser round and round themes.
  • Mario mushrooms.
  • Okiraku series.

My Thoughts

I have tried out the new themes and screenshot feature and both are fast and easy to use. The themes allow you to choose between five basic colour themes while the paid ones (ten at moment) are pretty good as a lot of them have custom sounds, music and designs. If you have used any of the themes on the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, you will instantly recognise how the theme system works on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2Ds. Themes cost up to £1.99 which is maybe quite expensive for something that could easily be free but if you find a good one you will not likely need to change it ever again. The default or free themes will mostly be enough for the majority of people anyway. In the future there will likely be other ways of getting themes such as when you buy a game as the Theme Shop has a code feature.

The new screenshot feature is a welcomed addition to the system but I was quickly disappointed with it as it would have been great if you could use it while in-game to take screenshots but you can only use it on the HOME Menu screen. Therefore this feature seems pretty pointless unless you want to take picture of your themes. If Nintendo allows people to take screenshots of their games instead of resorting to other cameras and equipment then doing actual fun media stuff with a Nintendo 3DS would be a lot easier.

The Nintendo 3DS is getting better and better.

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