Fantasy Life is Now Available. Also Origin Island DLC, Five Videos and Five Screenshots

I choose the life as a king. Wait! You can't? Get your hands of me.
I choose the life as a king. Wait! You can’t? Get your hands of me!

Fantasy Life is an RPG developed by Level-5 and published by Nintendo (published by Level-5 in Japan) where you can play the roles of twelve different classes from a lowly fisherman to a noble knight. Fantasy Life is an exclusive for Nintendo 3DS/2DS and is now available in Europe.


Fantasy Life Opening Movie.

Fantasy Life Overview Trailer.

Fantasy Life Choose Your Life Trailer.

Fantasy Life Create Your Hero Trailer.

Fantasy Life – Live life to the full in Reveria Trailer.

Fantasy Life

From “In Reveria, your vocation is known as your Life, and there are 12 to choose from – pick from Paladin, Hunter, Cook, Blacksmith, Alchemist and more. Each one offers different abilities, and you can change Life whenever you like; switch between efficiently gathering materials, cleverly creating items, or taking up arms in combat as the mood takes you! Plus, making progress in one Life can help you with another: you can gather ore as a Miner, forge it into a weapon as a Blacksmith, then use it in battle as a Mercenary. There are tons of Quests and Challenges to tackle and completing these will level up your character or improve your Life rank, making you even stronger.

The path you choose through the 12 Lives will make your hero truly unique, but you can also customise your look and stats with a range of different gear. There are hundreds of items to craft and collect, and some can be used to decorate your homes across the land. If you fancy, you can have pets and take them on your adventures, but if you desire a bit more of a human connection you can adventure together with your real-life friends. Up to three players can explore Reveria together, either online* or via local wireless. Club together and use your skills to help each other.”


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Fantasy Life 1
Be a girl or be a boy. The choices.
Fantasy Life 2
Each life has a Master, for you to master.
Fantasy Life 3
Kill monsters for money like all good mercenaries.
Fantasy Life 4
The simple and long pleasures of fishing.
Fantasy Life 5
The Guild Master who is clearly the Master of the Guilds.

You can play Fantasy Life online or locally with friends like Monster Hunter but if you don’t want to do this you can play alone by yourself or with an NPC companion. It is worth mentioning that the game has day one DLC called the “Origin Island downloadable Expansion Pack” as the game came out in December 2012 in Japan and the DLC came out later there but its available straight away in Europe. However the DLC costs £7.19 and everyone you are playing with also have to have the DLC if you want to play together. The DLC requires the following conditions below.

Origin Island DLC Requirements:

  • Complete the main story.
  • Befriend both Yuelia and Noelia:
    – Yuelia: automatically becomes an ally after completing the main story.
    – Noelia: reach character level 45.
  • Reach level 50.
  • After completing the above, go and speak with Yuelia at your house.

Origin Island downloadable Expansion Pack:

  • A totally new area to explore, with loads of new quests.
  • Extra elements for character customisation.
  • New materials, new ranks and new recipes.
  • New types of pets: birds and dragons.
  • A new holiday home, new home décor and additional items.
  • The Friendship system: allies that you take along on adventures repeatedly will become more friendly towards you, and the more they like you, the better they are in a scrap.
  • Exclusive items to exchange for Lunares Coins.

Fantasy Life is an impressive game for all the different ideas and mechanics it tries to do in one game. It has the gameplay elements and look of an Animal Grossing game, the crafting and monster hunting gameplay of a game like Monster Hunter, and finally several classes to choose from at will like a classic Final Fantasy game or more recently in Bravely Default. Whether it’s a jack of all trades and master of none type of game is arguable but if you like any of the previous games I mention and the grind like gameplay of a MMORPG then you will probably enjoy your time with Fantasy Life.

Fantasy Life is available now in Europe in most physical and online shops for £24.99 to £39.99 and as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop for £34.99.

I am getting Fantasy Life myself tomorrow so I might do a review and some guides on the game in the future.

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