Titanfall is Now Available (Xbox One and PC)

Jetpacks are cool and all but they must a halth and safety risk for the piolots.
Jetpacks are cool but they must be a safety risk for the pilots, they could explode.

Titanfall is a first-person shooter multiplayer video game developed by Respawn Entertainment (by some former members of Infinity Ward) and published by Electronic Arts as an exclusive for Microsoft platforms: PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One is now finally available in Europe.

In Titanfall, players fight on a war-torn planet in six verses six multiplayer-only matches as pilots who can control the titular Titan mechs. As a pilot, players can run along walls and do consecutive jumps in a free running type style; when in a Titan, players can use more damaging weapons, shields and able jet boost around the maps.


Titanfall Official Launch Trailer.

A lot of people have been looking at Titanfall as a way to get back into competitive FPS games without having to play the Call of Duty or Black Ops games. I feel Call of Duty has gone down hill since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and that is the last one I played for a long period of time and still play now again today. Titanfall has the same sort of gameplay mechanics and levelling system but offers a more fast paced and probably fairer system for newer players (some modes feature bots). I always say Battlefield 2142 is the best Battlefield game if asked and I will say from now on that Titanfall is the best modern Call of Duty.

I might get Titanfall for the Xbox 360 just so I have something to play on that console even if it will probably be the worst version, however the Xbox 360 version will only be available on the 28th March.

If you are a veteran of FPS games, a newcomer or someone wanting something different then you should all try Titanfall. It is a lot of fun even if it might not have the longevity or complexity of a lot of other FPS games but expect Titanfall to become its own franchise in the future. You should all enjoy Titanfalls simplicity now because it can only get more convoluted later on.