Dark Souls II is Now Available. Also Three New Videos (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3)

You can duel wield everything ins Dark Souls II even shields. You can't wield your heart.
You can duel wield everything in Dark Souls II even shields but not your cold souls.

Dark Souls II like its predecessors Dark Souls and Demon Souls is an action role-playing game set in a semi open world. It is developed by From Software for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and is published by Bandai Namco Games. The game is set in the same world as Dark Souls but has no direct story connection to Dark Souls and therefore can be played with out playing the other Soul games in the franchise.

Similar to the previous games, players can customise the gender and physical features of their character and are able to choose a starting class which determines stats and equipment that the player begins with. Dark Souls II is an third-person perspective game where you can explore a continuous, open world that is a about the same size as the original game. Players are confronted by a hostile environments, enemies and bosses with death being a common occurrence. As enemies are defeated, souls are collected which act as both the currency in the game and means to level up.


Dark Souls II Launch Trailer.

Dark Souls Prologue Part 1.

Dark Souls Prologue Part 2.

I got around to actually playing Dark Souls late seeing as I had other games to play and I am still playing through the game so I won’t be playing Dark Souls II for a while. However all Soul games are known as being good but hard games that reward invention and exploration. As the game has become popular many will argue that the games have become easier while this is true in some sense, it has mostly come from a better explanation of how the game and its mechanics work. In other words don’t let people say that because you didn’t complete Demon Souls you had an easier or less meaningful experience.

If people are interested in Dark Souls II then I would recommend playing the first Dark Souls game and if you enjoy that game play the second one. Why? because the first Dark Souls is so well documented that if you can’t get through or enjoy that game then you are unlikely to enjoy Dark Souls II with its less forgiving mechanics and more stringent healing items even if it is the one everyone is talking about at this moment in time.

The PC version will be available on the 25th April.