Scrolls Patch 0.112 and 0.112.1 is Available. Also Achievements, Testing Grounds and Free Scrolls Game

He's making a list, And checking it twice.
He’s making a list, And checking it twice.

Mojang have released quite a lot of stuff for scrolls recently, the main being the new Judgement and Testing Grounds modes. They have also released patch 0.112 and 0.112.1 and are giving every player who owns Scrolls a free copy of the game to send to a friend.

How to send a copy of the game to a friend:

  1. Log into your Mojang account.
  2. Click “Send to a friend”.
  3. Enter your friend’s email address into the box and click send.
  4. Your friend will receive a code in the mail, along with some simple instructions on how to redeem it.

The codes will expire on 31st January 2014.

Patch 0.112


  • Added 85 achievements. Achievements are displayed on your profile page and award 100 gold each.
  • Added rating decay. Once a week, ratings will decay towards 1500.
  • Starting with this patch, we’re turning the “Quick Match” mode into a testing grounds for rule changes. First up is 8 HP idols and 60 second turn timers.
  • You can now rejoin your current match even after closing the game.
  • The remaining library and discard pile counts are now displayed in battle mode.
  • Abilities activated by your opponent in a battle now display text with the ability name.


  • Added 8 new AI decks. Thanks to Blinky for assisting with deck design!
  • Updated the post-game screen to show the duration of the match. In ranked matches, ranking and ranking change is now shown.
  • Updated the profile screen to show ranked and Judgement wins.
  • In the Watch menu, sorting by Highest Rating now uses average rating instead of the best player’s rating.
  • Deck builder: Typing “s:2? will now filter scrolls in set 2. Similarly, #:5+” will show any scrolls which you have at least five of. Handy for crafting!

Bug Fixes

  • Players can now be challenged and invited to trade via the friends list. Machination Mindset now only works on melee creatures.

Patch 0.112.1


  • Frostbeard (Growth) now has 2 hp.
  • Languid (Decay) is now uncommon.
  • Draining Mist (Decay) is now uncommon.
  • Bitter Root (Decay) is now common.


  • Increased Judgement reward levels

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for achievements not being properly awarded: win X ranked matches, Reach position X in the ladder, and Blazingly fast/Stampede /Quick win.
  • We’ve had to reset Blazingly Fast in order to allow unlock of Stampede and Quick win.
  • Sacrifice should now always work after rejoining a game in progress.

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