Scrolls is Adding an Arena aka Judgement Mode. Also Two Judgement Screenshots

Scrolls Arena mode with no DeathWing's in sight.
Scrolls Arena mode with no Deathwing in sight.

Mojang the developers of Scrolls which is still in beta have recently announced that they will be adding a Hearthstone type Arena mode called Judgement and may be something good but it could also be bad but at least its a new mode.

In Judgement mode you don’t use your current collection of scrolls in matches. Instead, you create a brand new deck from a random selection of Scrolls. Four scrolls can be selected until you have a total of 45 scrolls, before you can use a deck using at least 30. This deck will last for five competitive matches. At the end you will get rewarded depending on how well you do. Again similar to Arena mode in Hearthstone. You can enter Judgement mode with Shards or Gold but expect to either have a lot of Gold or be prepared to pay for some Shards.


Scrolls Judgement 1

Scrolls Judgement 2

The mode if done right could be as good or better than Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone Arena mode but from what I have seen from the Scrolls version it doesn’t seem to have the same polish but you could say that about the whole Scrolls game. However I like Scrolls and its a good game even if it does have a lot of problems currently. It be good to see how Scrolls and the Judgment mode develops.

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