Steam Summer Sale 2013: Day One Deals are Now Available

Lets "getaway" into the bunker of mass gaming.
Lets “getaway” into the bunker of mass gaming.

Valve Corporation have launched its annual Summer sale today (I told you it would). Like many of the sales on Steam, most of their games on the service will be discounted. There are flash sales where community will be able to vote on what game should be given a massive discount every eight hours and there are also sales on publisher catalogs and much more. Also worth mentioning is that many new games have had Steam Trading Cards added to them.

The Steam Summer Sale will last from 11th July 2013 to 22nd July 2013.

Today’s Daily Deals Include:

Can only buy one game today?

Then buy: Hotline Miami is 75% off. Was £6.99 now £1.74.

How to I earn Steam Summer Getaway trading cards?

From “Normally you would start a trading card set by playing a game. Since in this case the sale itself is the game, here are the ways you can get Summer Getaway cards:”

Craft a game badge

Starting 3rd July, crafting a game badge earned you a “mystery card” rather than a coupon. These mystery cards are now Summer Getaway cards. So if you crafted a badge in the last week, you’re already ahead of the game. During the sale, each game badge you craft will get you a Summer Getaway trading card.

Make a purchase

As an additional reward for purchasing, for every $10 USD spent during the sale you’ll get a Summer Getaway trading card.

Vote in the Community’s Choice

If you’re Steam Level 5 and above, you’ll get a card every third time you vote for the Community’s Choice Flash Sale.

Trade for them

Make trades with your friends.

Buy them from the Community Market

Sell the cards you don’t need and buy the ones you do with other Steam Community members. If you aren’t interested in badge-crafting, you can also turn the cards into Steam Wallet funds to buy more games.

What do I get when I craft a badge?

Crafting the Summer Getaway badge (and other game badges) earns you tradable items like emoticons to use in chats or discussions and backgrounds to use on your profile. You can collect the set of cards five times to level up your Summer Getaway badge and earn more items. Each time you craft a badge you also earn XP which progresses you towards the next Steam Level.

My Thoughts

There will be a lot of quality games to choose from each day and there will also be plenty of deals to be had with the publisher packs so like always if there’s some games you had your eyes on then the next two weeks is a better time than ever to get them. However I wouldn’t go crazy buying everything especially if you don’t have the time or will hardly play a certain game. For example a cool game might only cost a few pounds but if you never play it then it’s still a waste of a few pounds.

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