Steam Summer Sale 2013: Starts Tomorrow

Last years Steam Summer Sale was fun.
Last years Steam Summer Sale was fun.

Valve Corporation starts its annual Summer sale tomorrow. Like many of the sales on Steam, most of their games on the service will be discounted. There are flash sales where community will be able to vote on what game should be given a 75% discount every twelve hours and there are also sales on publisher catalogs.

The Steam Summer Sale will last about two weeks, likely from 11th July 2013 to 23rd July 2013.

There will be a lot of quality games to choose from each day and there will also be plenty of deals to be had with the publisher packs so like always if there’s some games you had your eyes on then the next two weeks is a better time than ever to get them. However I wouldn’t go crazy buying everything especially if you don’t have the time or will hardly play a certain game. For example a cool game might only cost a few pounds but if you never play it then it’s still a waste of a few pounds.

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