GOG.com: #noDRM Summer Sale 2013 is Now Available. Also Torchlight for Free and More

"It was a beautiful place. I told myself I could rest here, sleep here and forget about my work."
“A beautiful place. I told myself I could rest here, sleep here and forget about my work.”

GOG.com have got in early and started their 2013 summer sale which features most of their no DRM games. This means that more than 500 games are now available for 50% off. The digital distribution site will also offer extra discounted Daily Deals (once a day) which will be up to 85% off. To celebrate the new summer sale GOG.com are giving all members Torchlight the action RPG game from Runic Games Inc. (not the co-op one) for free but only for under the next forty-eight hours.


Torchlight Free on GOG.com Video.

Alan Wake Trailer.

GOG.com #NoDRM Summer Day One:

Wide A. Wake Bundle

(Two games for 90% off and now $4.48. Save $40.50)

The darkness was like a pair weights over my eyes.
The darkness was like a pair weights over my eyes.

From gog.com: “The Wide A. Wake Bundle contains both Alan Wake and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare as well as The Writer and The Signal expansions, and it’s available for only $4.48! That’s whole 90% off the regular price. If you haven’t yet experienced this phenomenal title, here’s your best chance. It’s one of the most intense horror stories masterfully combining the feeling of the best thrilling books and TV shows with excellent action-adventure gameplay, and a brilliant story. Get the Wide A. Wake Bundle to face the imposing darkness and escape the creeping insanity of an American small town balancing on the edge of reality.”

Definitive Dungeons and Dragons

(Ten games for 80% off and now $21.10. Save $84.80)

In video games we all die in the end.
In video games we all die in the end.

For the fans of classic RPG fantasy worlds, we’ve prepared the Definitive Dungeons and Dragons bundle. If you want the Forgotten Realms to become your second home, a place where you can escape whenever reality starts to bug you, and live a second life full of high adventure, this is your ticket–and it only costs $20.10! In this amazing package you will find the following titles: Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate 2, Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale 2, Planescape: Torment, Dragonshard, Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Nights 2, Temple of Elemental Evil, and Demon Stone–all of them DRM-free, complete with the expansions, and delivered with a generous selection of bonus goodies. All that 80% off the regular price.”

I have been waiting for this sale and its good that it’s finally here, both day one deals are worth getting if you happen to be a person who has missed these two franchises which seem to be on sale more often these days. There is literally hundreds of games on GOG.com people should consider buying especially if you have been eyeing up a particular game but didn’t want to pay full price for it. I am sure most people know the particular games they should get first before considering any of the less remembered but still good games.

Remember most games are only 50% off so maybe it will be wise to wait for their respective Daily Deal sales. Also I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy more than a few games unless you want to have more games than you know what you can do with, of course you can do so if you want. To get Torchlight for free, login and add it to your cart, when you go to the checkout you will be charged $0.00 for the game.

The GOG.com #noDRM Summer Sale lasts until 5th July so check back here tomorrow for new sales and more.

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