Quantum Break Videos, Screenshots, Artwork and More

Its save to bet the game has something to with quantum mechanics.
Its save to bet the game will have something to with quantum mechanics.

Remedy Entertainment have released several new videos, screenshots, artwork and cover art recently which gives a little more detail about what you can expect from Quantum Break. The game will feature live-action videos mixed with gameplay.


Quantum Break Behind the Scenes Video.

Quantum Break E3 Trailer.


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Quantum Break Screenshot 1

Quantum Break Screenshot 2

Quantum Break Screenshot 3

Quantum Break Screenshot 4

Quantum Break Screenshot 5


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Quantum Break Artwork 1

Quantum Break Artwork 2

Quantum Break Artwork 3

Quantum Break Artwork 4

Quantum Break Artwork 5

Cover Art

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Quantum Break Cover Art

A Quantum Break television series is in production along side the game and according to Remedy Entertainment “how you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs how you play the game.” The story focuses on a time changing science experiment that goes wrong which reminds me of Half-Life for some reason.

I am a big fan of all Remedy Entertainment’s games so I am looking forward to this game more than I maybe should but Remedy Entertainment’s past games have all been mostly good so it has the potential to being something special.

Quantum Break will be available for the Xbox One sometime in 2014.