Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is Coming Soon

You would struggle to know this was beening played on a Xbox One.
You would struggle to know this was being played on a Xbox One.

Following on from Minecraft on the PC and Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition comes Minecraft: Xbox One Edition for the Xbox One (pretty original naming). The game will be basically identical to the Xbox 360 version but feature a larger map.


Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Announce Trailer.

From youtube.com: “Xbox One Edition will deliver the Minecraft experience to Xbox One. Building off the hugely successful Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, the edition on Xbox One will give players larger maps for bigger adventures, expanded multiplayer features, and feature enhancements powered by the Xbox One platform. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be available within the Xbox One launch window.”

As mentioned above the game is still Minecraft so if you havent like the previous versions in the past you will not probably like the new Xbox One Edition because the core gameplay hasn’t changed. It isn’t surprising to see a new Minecraft version coming to the new console but me and I am sure a lot of other people would have rather have the ability to just move all your old Xbox Live Marketplace games to the new console, now you got no choice to buy the new game so well done to all involved.

I also like how Microsoft make a big deal of Minecraft because it’s a succesful indie game while all other indie games can stay stuck in the swamp.

Expect Minecraft: Xbox One Edition to come out in November or if you can’t wait you can play it now on PC, Xbox 360 and on mobile devices.

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